Let’s talk

If you’re intrigued about the opportunities for positive change that Artificial Intelligence could deliver… AI innovators are looking for housing and care collaborators to build cohesive communities and combat isolation.

Illustrative image courtesy of the Centre for Ageing Better positive image library

The developers of “Squiboon” have approached the Age Action Alliance to reach out to members to see if you’d like to be in on the ground floor of an “AI Community Facilitator for Housing and Care Settings” which has been co-designed by older adults.

“Critically, it has been co-designed by and for older adults in residential retirement and care home settings; and, already, by getting people talking and connecting, Squiboon is proving to be effective in combating social isolation, loneliness and the devastating knock-on effects these have to health.”

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The Age Action Alliance source: http://theageactionalliance.org/2023/04/21/lets-talk-ai-innovators-looking-for-housing-and-care-collaborators-to-build-cohesive-communities-and-combat-isolation/

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