The Cost of Dying

“Mum knew she was dying, but didn’t have money to pay for anything.”

“Mum lived on the 14th floor of a tower block. The lift only went to the 13th. Moving back home with all the equipment she would have needed would have been practically impossible.”

A photo exhibition, The Cost of Dying, explored the reality of living with terminal illness for people facing financial hardship. Their experiences were documented by award-winning photographer Margaret Mitchell and through their own photo diaries.

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Marie Curie source:

The Cost of Dying exhibition ran from 25 April to 5 May, 2023 at the Advanced Research Centre in the University of Glasgow. You can find out more on the Dying in the Margins research page or watch Linda’s digital story on YouTube.

Marie Curie wants to make sure no one dies in poverty. You can sign up for campaign updates as we call for better financial support for people with a terminal illness.

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