yamazaki kentaro’s hospice in japan wins GOOD DESIGN award 2021

Kawamura hospice in Japan offers warmth to the terminally ill yamazaki kentaro has designed a hospice facility in Japan that blends seamlessly with the natural surroundings. the newly unveiled establishment plays an intermediate role between a home and a hospital, providing palliative care for terminally-ill cancer patients. The design seeks to generate a warm environment with a quotidian atmosphere, rather than a typically cold hospital. Arranged to avoid the existing trees in the site, the building consists of a compact medical care room and nurses’ station, connected by a corridor that gives sequential continuity to the space and serves as a place for patients to spend time with family and friends. Its great respect for human dignity as well as its pleasant interiors that give warmth and comfort to the patients are some of the reasons why the kawamura palliative care ward has received the g-mark GOOD DESIGN award, as one of the best 100 ideas of 2021.

Image courtesy of yamazaki kentaro design workshop
yamazaki kentaro’s design brings nature inSIDE

Visiting or staying in a hospice is not a particularly pleasant experience for neither the patients nor their families. nevertheless, this kind of facility should make individuals feel at home….

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DesignBoom Source: yamazaki kentaro’s hospice in japan wins GOOD DESIGN award 2021

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