Wear to Care

Exploring the issue of uniforms in care homes

A project with Care UK to explore how residents, relatives and members of staff in two Care UK care homes feel about staff uniforms.

Suzanne Mumford, Care UK’s Head of Nursing, Care and Dementia Services had already started looking into the issue of uniforms, identifying arguments for staff wearing a uniform and for staff wearing ‘non-uniform’ options. Off the back of an initial literature review Suzanne noted that,

“The missing link appears to be actually involving people living with dementia and those who care for them both family, friends and professionally”

Called ‘Wear to Care’, the project was ideally placed to provide that missing link.

What did we do with the photos?

Find out more about the research and how it was undertaken during the pandemic. It covers choice, badges, colour and more…read the blog in full at…

Association for Dementia Studies Blog Source: Wear to Care – exploring the issue of uniforms in care homes – Association for Dementia Studies Blog

One response to “Wear to Care”

  1. Comment from:
    Nigel Taylor FRSA, Group Head of Learning and Development at CareTech, on LinkedIn

    “Not all care and support services need to have uniforms, please ensure we take into account those with lived experience and who we support on whether we should have uniforms, I believe this is something that the government are thinking about, its crucial that our workforce have a sense of belonging (Like the NHS), this could be established by something simple as a lanyard and a logo on ID badges.
    We should concentrate professionalising the workforce, paying them a salary comparative to their skills and in parity with Health, developing career pathways with training, recognition and reward and changing perceptions with the public and politicians that it is a highly skilled occupation and deserves the investment it requires.
    we are not just a mouth that needs feeding we generate over £50b to the economy.”

    #socialcare #careerincare #carecareers #madewithcare


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