Bringing hospital care home

Virtual Wards and Hospital at Home for older people

A Virtual Ward is a time-limited service enabling people who have an acute condition or exacerbation of a chronic condition requiring hospital-level care to receive this care in the place they call home, either as an alternative to hospital admission or by facilitating an earlier discharge from hospital. The Virtual Ward delivers a variable combination of remote monitoring and face-to-face treatment in the person’s normal place of residence (at home or in their care home).

Hospital at Home provides short-term, intensive, hospital-level care for acute medical problems in a patient’s home.

Read this UK wide review of the evidence with information and advice about establishing such services at…

British Geriatrics Society Source: Bringing hospital care home: Virtual Wards and Hospital at Home for older people | British Geriatrics Society

Download as PDF

The UK Hospital at Home Society ( will be able to put you in touch with an appropriate service who would be happy to host visitors and share business cases. 

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