How the Power of Intergenerational Friendships Can Enhance the Lives of Those Residing in Care Homes

Neil Gandecha, Estate Manager at Foxholes Care Home ( 31 August 2021 writes…

It’s no secret that the health and social care sector has been disrupted immeasurably throughout an unprecedented 18 months. Such a testing and unparalleled period has certainly heightened our sense of grief and, at times, seen us lose touch with reality. From this, we have learnt just how important it is that we remain connected with society as humanly as possible.

Age segregation has gradually become the norm in the UK today. Our communities and activities have become divided by age. Young people are in schools and older people typically reside in care homes, whilst young and middle-aged adults tend to cluster at offices and work sites. As a result, there is….read the blog in full at…

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