Children’s social care questionnaires 2021

Summary of findings
  • This year, we received over 7,400 more responses to the survey from all audience types than we did last year. The number of responses from children was more or less the same as last year.
  • While a lot of children said that they would like COVID-19 (coronavirus) to ‘go away’, they commented that they felt they had been helped to adjust to the restrictions by the people who cared for them.
  • A lower proportion of children in boarding schools and in residential accommodation in further education felt they were well cared for compared with the children who lived or stayed elsewhere.
  • Ninety-nine per cent of children in foster care who responded to the survey felt safe where they lived.
  • There was an increase in the number of children in boarding school and in residential accommodation in further education who felt they were not helped to do well with their school or college work.
  • A theme within the responses this year was children saying that they wished they could stay where they were for longer and that they did not have to move on when they were 18.

Source: Children’s social care questionnaires 2021 – GOV.UK

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