Bringing Lucy Home

By Claire Martin, 14th April 2021

Twenty-eight year old Lucy (not her real name) usually lives in a shared home with one other resident and two 1:1 carers.  On the night of  9th-10th March, while in their professional care, she suffered two fractures in her right leg and was taken to hospital. She’s still in hospital nearly a month later. There’s been no formal explanation about how Lucy’s leg was fractured and the police are now involved.   Mr Justice Hayden commented that ‘the fracture is really quite alarming’

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So, the urgent issue of Lucy’s unexplained double leg fracture starkly illustrated for me the need for careful decisions around establishing her needs, where (and how) she is best cared for.  It emerged that, despite Lucy having 1:1 care in a small home of only two residents, she somehow sustained two fractures in her right leg on March 10th 2020.

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