Finding our own way home – a ‘big’ conversation

The key results from research conducted into the housing opportunities and blockages for people with a learning disability and/or autism. Jointly written by the Housing LIN and Learning Disability England (LDE) and published in November 2020 amongst it’s findings are included:

  • There are now more people in their own home and ‘supported living’ and fewer people living in residential care
  • There are still a lot of people who are having difficulties trying to leave ‘assessment and treatment units’ to move into a home of their own
  • People are often offered a home in an existing property, such as a ‘shared house’ which may not be suitable for them, often with people they don’t know
  • There needs to be a quicker and less bureaucratic way of using grant funding from NHS England to develop housing for people who need to leave an assessment and treatment unit

Access and read the report and associated videos at:

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