Care home COVID-19 guidance recognises vital care home role

The guidance calls on care homes to continue to operate at full
capacity to support the national effort, both in terms of beds and their
skilled care staff. The guidance says: “Helping to move patients who no longer
require acute care into the most appropriate setting will help to save
thousands of lives.”

Care home staff are thanked for their continued actions to
support hospital discharge during the pandemic.

The guidance aims to support staff to safely admit and care
for patients during the pandemic.

DHSC has also pledged:

  • longer-term supply of all aspects of personal
    protective equipment (PPE) for care homes  
  • establish a Capacity Tracker as the single
    mechanism across the country to report bed vacancies
  • fair and prompt payment for the existing care
    commitments and additional care provided during the response to the pandemic,
    recognising that both PPE and staffing costs are higher than usual.  
  • NHSMail  

Care home COVID-19 guidance recognises vital care home role

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