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“Over decades, we came to learn that if changing policies and consumption models do not change the attitudes of households and families in their daily lives, little or perhaps no change will ever be achieved.”

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As you know, in September we will be holding an Experts Meeting to find out how households can become allies in the face of climate emergencies. HRF, NTU and UN-DESA will be the organisers. Prof. Gamal Abdelmonem is leading this project and we wish to thank him for all that he is doing to raise awareness of this issue. We have spoken to him and here is the interview.

On 28-29 September an Expert Meeting will take place at Nottingham Conference Centre to address the relationship between households and Climate Change. How did the idea come about?

Climate Change has always been a long-term and standing research agenda for both the Home Renaissance Foundation and my Research Centre at Nottingham Trent University. We all have a duty and commitment to address Climate Change through our research work, studies, and analysis of current attitudes towards the environment. With our…

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