Care Leavers and the Transition to Adulthood


How can we support youth in residential care transition out of care and into independent living?   The transition to adulthood is a highly sensitive and critical phase of any individual’s life.  For children in the state’s care, leaving the care system leads to ‘sudden adulthood’ (Paulsen & Berg, 2016) and the early end of […]

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Care Leavers and the Transition to Adulthood

“One of my key realizations over the years of working in the field was that in order to holistically support youth in care, it is important we understand their lived experiences before and during institutionalization and the potential impact on their life trajectories of an abrupt transition into independent living without adequate support systems. We need to base programming on this understanding and focus efforts on…

  • Improving the environment in the residential care facilities based on the contextual and developmental needs of children,
  • Including early transition planning and readiness programming,
  • Providing aftercare support until successful reintegration. 

Life Before and During Institutionalization for Children in Residential Care

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