Despair versus hope

All people can do is report their own observations of those that do or have. But people living with a diagnosis of dementia can describe, good or bad, what it is like to live with dementia, their experience of the disease, of living with the disease in our society, of health and care systems, of diagnosis, of social attitudes and stigma. They can offer insights and ideas to other people living with dementia about ways to live well and to system leader and policy makers about how to make things work better. They can say, if they wish, that living with dementia has brought new, valuable insights, friends and life experiences that they regard as a gift, even knowing that the disease will progress and make their life harder. And they can describe themselves as suffering from the disease, or from living in a society that excludes people living with the disease, if they wish too.

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Making rights make sense source: Despair versus hope – Making rights make sense

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