Downsizing during retirement can be draining. Pros can help.

“Many aging baby boomers find themselves overwhelmed and understaffed when confronting the daunting task of figuring out where to spend their final years. Dismantling a home filled with possessions from the past few decades can be emotionally difficult.”

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The physical and emotional work of dismantling a home can be outsourced to a growing sector of senior move managers

Amanda Long, Washington Post, February 9, 2023

When you move out of a house you’ve lived in for 43 years and raised three children in, you’re bound to discover plenty: multiple sets of china and crystal, dusty camping gear, enough sporting equipment to field several teams, dolls and their dwellings — even boxes of dirty socks and underwear your teenage sons hid in the attic when asked to clean their rooms.

But the most important thing that Roger and Kathy Estes discovered about moving out of their 1,700-square-foot Arlington, Va., home is that they simply could not do it alone. They needed help.

“I was just baffled by how to even start, you know? I knew that we had a lot of things we wanted to give away or throw…

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