A French Village’s Radical Vision of a Good Life with Alzheimer’s

Every resident of the Village Landais has dementia—and the autonomy to spend each day however they please. By Marion Renault, November 23, 2022

“Like so many families that are affected by Alzheimer’s, we searched desperately for a new place where my grandmother could live….

Anyone who has cared for someone with Alzheimer’s is likely to be familiar with this transaction. We cede their freedom to gain a sense of security—theirs, but also ours. We attempt to resize their world, removing the choices that might pose a danger to them. But I often wonder whether the standard approach of a nursing home—the constant surveillance, the rigid schedules for waking, bathing, eating, socializing, and sleeping—is the best that we can offer to loved ones with dementia.”

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The New Yorker Source: A French Village’s Radical Vision of a Good Life with Alzheimer’s | The New Yorker

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