Robots are taking over the world. This is not a drill. The wet dream of every sci-fi geek for the last 50 years is becoming a reality. Chatting to your watch, nodding off (safely) at the wheel of your car, doors that open with a swoosh as you approach, and computers that chat with you […]


“As its population ages and labour pool decreases, Japan has found a unique way around this by using robots in nursing homes, companies, and schools.

The robot care giver assisting an old woman with her hairs.
The Jolly Capitalist loves a little robot head in the mornings.. so does Gran..

China and the US are also rapidly catching up to Japan in areas such as home care robotics meaning that Japan will eventually transit from being the world’s leading robotics vendor to being a moderately strong participant with Germany, South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore.

So, what about the United Kingdom?

Faced with the twin difficulties of Covid-19 and Brexit, the UK manufacturing sector is looking at technology to help it “Build Back Better”.

Industry in the UK is competing for a higher rankings in the robot race.

Robots that can hold simple conversations and understand people’s interests will be implemented in selected UK care homes, following an international experiment that demonstrated they improved mental health, and reduced loneliness.

The wheeled robot, said to be a “Pepper,” moves independently and gestures with robotic arms and hands. They are supposed to be “culturally aware,” which means they learn about the interests and histories of care home inhabitants, after some initial training. This enables them to establish essential discussions, play with patients’ favourite music, teach them languages, and provide practical assistance such as medication reminders.”

Source: https://thejollycapitalist.wordpress.com/2021/10/13/our-ageing-population-crises-can-robots-help/

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