Improving Healthcare in UK Care Homes

Care Homes – Raymond’s Older Peoples’ Blog

The report which you can access and download HERE is called “Ambitions for Change: Improving Healthcare in Care Homes. It notes that the COVID-19 pandemic created extraordinary challenges for care homes, and argues that government, commissioners, care home providers and other stakeholders must now ensure that the structures, support and skills are consistently in place to ensure care home residents have access to the same standard of healthcare as everyone else in the UK. It advocates for treatment on site whenever possible, to avoid the potential harms of hospitalisation. It also recommends the systematic use of Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment to ensure personalised individual care is planned and delivered. It also points out that person-centred, compassionate care is paramount because many care home residents from admission to a home are already frail and in the last two years of their life.

If you don’t do anything else read their 11 recommendations which you can view at:

Source: Care Homes – Raymond’s Older Peoples’ Blog

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