Retired Registered Managers

Making Home Home

A new Interest Group for former managers of care homes

Developed by Liz Taylor, Harish Chavda, Janti Champaneri OBE, Pat Bailey, Richard Banksand Shrikant Honap

Registered Managers hold a most important leadership role in adult social care services.  How they do that job has a crucial effect on peoples experience of care and support. Registered Managers are the lead professional and set the quality of care that staff provide and expectations for values, knowledge and skills. They turn the stated purpose and vision for the home into the reality of the lives of the people who live there.

The last few years have served to confirm that the quality and resilience of those managers has made the difference between adequate care and excellence.  

Registered Managers, of course, retire – taking with them their experience and hard learnt wisdom. We are concerned that the experience, knowledge and capacity of this group…

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