Financial impact assessment

Research with 13 Learning Disability and Autism Social Care providers

03 November 2022

Research published by Cordis Bright on behalf of 13 of the largest leading providers of social care shows the culmination of sustained underfunding of social care and labour shortages which increases cost, reduces quality, creates greater market instability and is in turn exacerbated by low pay.

The report recommends that central government commit to the principle of pay parity for equivalent roles across the whole NHS and social care economy, promoting this as the minimum pay floor rate for social care staff, and fund local authorities accordingly.

Cordis Bright source:


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“No service is improved by the high use of agency staff, or from the perspective of a person with a learning disability or autism, strangers coming regularly into their home. No service has ever been improved by the staff that work in it facing such acute financial distress that they need to rely on food banks to feed their families, and no service will be improved by the hand back of a contract which results in its closure and the loss of a person’s home.”

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