Another Kind of Home

The Skinner Report

Social Work Services Inspectorate for Scotland (1992)

“Angus Skinner’s view of residential care is no sentimental attachment but a hard-headed assessment of its strengths and limitations; he recognises that it is most likely to be successful when all those involved in it, parents, children and their carers, are committed to it as the right choice for them and it provides the opportunities for children to develop towards adulthood (Wolins, 1969).”

Read the 2011 summary with key points...

The ‘Skinner Principles’ set out at the end of Chapter 1 have rightly become a benchmark for assessing good quality care and are as applicable to residential care today as they were the day the report was finished.

The Therapeutic Care Journal Source: Another Kind of Home: the Skinner Report: by Angus Skinner – The Therapeutic Care Journal

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