Gap in market as UK urgently needs nearly 500,000 more senior living units

October 2022

Research has revealed a current shortfall of more than 487,000 senior living housing units across the UK, highlighting the urgency for a greater allocation of sites to the sector to accommodate an ageing population as the housing crisis intensifies.

Assuming there is a 150-unit allocation per senior living scheme, this indicates that 3,245 communities need to be built to account for the lack in supply. The figures do not take into account the 31% expected growth in over-65s as life expectancy increases over the next 15 years, BNP Paribas Real Estate’s research said.

According to the English Housing Survey, 80% of over-65s own their own home (either with a mortgage or outright). In the latest Housing Futures report, a consumer survey published by Strutt and Parker, 48% of those over the age of 66 would prefer to rent their next home.

Care Home Professional source:

Read the research item HERE

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