A facilitating environment, and what’s ‘therapeutic’?

Jane Keenan, 1st October 2022

This is an extract from Jane Keenan’s book: Kids in Care…How can I Help?

“To achieve what I’ve described so far, is to provide a facilitating environment, an environment which facilitates that move towards emotional health. And for us, health means more than just an absence of illness – check out Donald Winnicott for more on all that, and Carl Rogers on creating an environment in which others can learn and grow. It’s about creating a culture in which a child’s needs can be thought about, and provided for, their feelings and distress borne healthily, holding hope for their future, with the intent and aspiration for them to find a way towards happy, productive adult life. It takes deliberate application to build and sustain that culture, in a place where people live. The children will bring expectations of how things should be, from their own family, and from perhaps a number of other care settings. In residential, there are a number of workers, each with their own family experiences. In fostering, there will be established family habits, and where a couple haven’t parented before there’ll be some ironing out to do.


Read this substantial extract from the book at…

The Therapeutic Care Journal Source: A facilitating environment, and what’s ‘therapeutic’? – Jane Keenan – The Therapeutic Care Journal

Published by The International Centre for Therapeutic Care

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