BABEL: Better tArgeting, Better outcomes for frail ELderly patients

As people age or as complex health challenges progress, difficult conversations must often be had to ensure a person’s wishes are respected as they approach the end of life. There are a wide range of situations to consider and questions to be asked during advance care planning. The goal of this project is to apply best practices in advance care planning, and demonstrate that they can be implemented in a scalable, sustainable way across provinces.

The advance care planning aspect of the BABEL study is based on the premise that a person facing difficult health challenges has a right to the most detailed information possible about their situation so they may make informed decisions. At that point, their preferences must be sought and their wishes respected.  

These resources provide substitute decision-makers as well as long-term care and retirement home team members with the information and strategies needed for advance care planning.


Consider the resource files and links at…

Research Institute for Aging Source: BABEL: Better tArgeting, Better outcomes for frail ELderly patients | Research Institute for Aging

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