Supporting people at the start of their care home journey

When someone is faced with the decision of whether to leave their home and move into residential or nursing care, it can be a difficult and anxious time forthem and their loved ones. Once they begin to explore care home options, it can be even more overwhelming as they try to ensure that they make the right choice for their individual needs.

You can help to support people through those often daunting early days by providing clear, upfront and accessible information about your care home in a dedicated ‘welcome pack.’

Creating a ‘welcome pack’ gives potential residents, family members and independent advocates details about what they can expect from life at your care home right at the outset. It’s something they’ll be able to take away, talk through with others and, if the individual decides to make the move, bring with them to refer to as they settle in.

This document sets out a range of suggestions to help you develop your own Welcome
pack and give people a warm welcome at the start of their care home journey. This guidance is for you, as care home providers, to use as a framework so that you can ensure your pack covers the issues that matter to residents and their families.

A Warm Welcome

Download, read and use this document…

Welsh Government Source: supporting-people-at-the-start-of-their-care-home-journey.pdf

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