Intergenerational learning and care: the Belong nursery

by Caroline Vollans in Articles Teaching and Learning on 13 September, 2022

Ready Generations has been working with Belong Villages for over five years planning a nursery where both young and old live and work alongside each other. This is the first large intergenerational project for both organisations.

The main aims are:  

  • Connecting people in sustainable ways
  • Prioritising relationships
  • Reducing social isolation and loneliness for both young families and older people
  • Supporting self-awareness and emotional development
  • Developing executive functioning skills in children and older people 
  • Creating an environment that meets individual needs irrespective of age 
  • Providing a research-into-practice centre for intergenerational pedagogy (linked with a number of UK universities)
  • Working within the UNICEF Sustainable Development Goals to facilitate the voice of the community around issues that affect them
Ready Generations working with Belong Villages

Find out how it all began, about the care village, the nursery, how they work together and what the community has to say by reading the entire article at…

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