Spreading joy and understanding across generations

Intergenerational links: Spreading joy and understanding across the generations

My Home Life England have recognised and championed the value of community involvement in supporting quality of life for older people living in care homes. Care homes are structurally part of communities, yet they don’t always feel that way. This intergenerational project grew out of the Care Home Friends and Neighbours (Care Home FaNs) work connecting care homes to their local communities. It is important for older people to be connected to the people, places and passions that matter to them. Through creating projects that are receptive to the local landscape and designed to best suit those participating, it is hoped that the links will be sustained into the future and that participating schools, youth groups and care homes will continue to connect and support one another.

My Home Life England has a wealth of community engagement resources supporting care homes to connect with their local communities – and vice versa, for communities to reach out to care homes. Visit www.myhomelife.org.uk/resources

CMM Source: Intergenerational links: Spreading joy and understanding across generations | CMM

Amy Simpkins leads on communications for My Home Life England.

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