Supported accommodation – we need strong oversight to make sure young people are safe, secure and doing well

OFSTED start to register supported accommodation providers in April 2023, and will carry out inspections from April 2024. There is a lot to do to get ready. This blog from Yvette Stanley, National Director Regulation and Social Care, discusses the progress.

From the survey responses received, OFSTED found that:

  • there were around 1,100 supported accommodation providers in England
  • around 66% of providers operated in only 1 local authority area
  • around 46% of providers supported just 1 or 2 young people

In terms of the young people in supported accommodation:

  • they were living in around 3,400 settings
  • around 1,700 were aged 16 and around 5,300 were aged 17
  • provision was very locally or regionally based, with 92% living in the same region as their home area

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