Evidence Base for the Future of Nursing Homes

Mary Madison, RN, RAC-CT, CDP, Clinical Consultant – Briggs Healthcare

In the July 12, 2022 edition of Innovation in Aging, you’ll find this interesting article – same title as this blog.  It’s an interesting read. “After decades of exposés, special commissions, and advocacy, the moment has arrived to commit to making the residential nursing home a good place to live…

Source: Evidence Base for the Future of Nursing Homes: Special Issue

“Unfortunately, community living is not optimal for everyone. Given the current state of housing inequity, uncertain capacity of family carers, and home care workforce instability, some individuals with substantial functional limitations are likely to find that a nursing home, or a setting that has many nursing-home-like features, is their best choice (Bishop & Stone, 2014). By shining a spotlight on nursing homes, the pandemic compels us to ask: If we can see what is wrong with nursing homes and accept that we will need nursing-intensive residential services for the foreseeable future, what should be done? The time for simply exposing quality and access problems is long past. Families, payers, and governments must act to make good nursing home care available to those who need it.”

Innovation in Aging

Read the full journal item at…

Source: https://academic.oup.com/innovateage/article/6/4/igac039/6637843?login=false

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