Ideas about how carers can get some respite

June Andrews

Respite care is important for carers’ well-being. Because caring can be so exhausting, it is natural for the carer to need a rest. Having an occasional break may be the thing that allows a carer to keep going for longer. Any short-term relief can be described as respite. Respite might involve a regular afternoon or evening off, or an occasional period of days or weeks. The support that is given can be in the home of the person cared for, as when a friend comes round on a regular basis to free up the carer to go out and about. Temporary home care may be provided for a short time by an agency. Some care organisations can arrange live-in care for a few days or weeks to allow the carer to go away on holiday. For people with dementia or even mild cognitive impairment it is less disruptive to provide the respite care at home. A common alternative is a short stay in a residential home, which can be a step towards eventually going to live in that place if the person likes it.

Source: Ideas about how carers can get some respite

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