Hospice care is about living well

Palliative care, or end-of-life care, aims to support the person to live as well as possible until they die. You as a carer also need support. There are hard questions about what you might expect, and what available medical options might be offered by the doctors. Hospice staff, including nurses, can support you in advance or during those difficult conversations. When people think about hospice care, they often associate it with cancer care at the end of life in a building specially provided and staffed for this specialist care. There may not be a building, and it might be that the staff come to where the person lives to provide hospice care. Usually, hospice care is limited to the last six months of life. But it is not limited to cancer care. Increasingly, hospice care has a focus on all end-of-life care, including dementia. People don’t often think of dementia as a life-limiting illness, but it is.

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Carers and Caring; the One Stop Guide; how to care for older relatives and friends an A-Z of caring for older people where H is for Hospice care…

Source: Hospice

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