Heaven on Earth?

A Documentary Looks at Life in The Villages

An Influencer in Aging interviews the 25-year-old filmmaker of ‘Some Kind of Heaven’ who wants to challenge society’s view on growing older By Angela Burton | February 4, 2021

A Film That Challenges Assumptions
Documentary still of Barbara Lochiatto, Next Avenue
Barbara Lochiatto, featured in Some Kind of Heaven  |  Credit: courtesy of Magnolia Pictures

In making his first feature-length documentary, Oppenheim admits the process totally changed his view about aging. “Before making this movie, I thought of old age as a point of arrival where all of your struggles are in the rearview mirror of your life. These stories showed me that’s not entirely true – that even in retirement, people continue to chase their dreams and seek fulfillment and look for love.”

Read this interesting blog about life in the Florida Villages in full at…

Source: Heaven on Earth? A New Documentary Looks at Life in The Villages

Watch the film preview here which is to buy or rent


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