Initial response to the Children’s Commissioner report “Reforming children’s homes”

NCERCC, 4th August 2022, Jonathan Stanley

Comment on the recommendations

Specificity not sufficiency = stability

A needs analysis directs needs-directed needs-led provision.

The following is repeated for effect

The current market-based methodology (commissioning and procurement) does not include homes to meet all needs. There is a lack of sufficient and importantly specific capacity. This results in inappropriate waits and temporary placement making.

Better is the probability of ‘right placement first time’ made possible through planning.

This results in a different closer and earlier relationship of residential child care with children’s services, where residential options are seen as a positive choice. This and the range and location of homes makes for earlier, timely and smaller transitions psychologically and geographically.

There is potential for the role of the commissioning to change to be less about procurement from what is available and more towards dialogue, matching, trend analysis, planned creation of or adaptation of homes. More analyse, plan, do, review than seek and secure

It should be noted that some of the aspects ascribed to children’s homes are not the responsibility nor do they have the authority to take action to remedy the deficits

A useful first reaction/response that is worth reading in full at…

NCERCC source:

Reforming children’s homes: a policy plan of action


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