…the importance of correctly drafting a Lasting Power of Attorney

By Anna (daughter of a P), 3rd August 2022

This case concerned P, living in one care home but with a proposed move, against her wishes, to another.

The protected party at the centre of this case, (“P”), is currently resident in a care home, which… is near her old permanent place of residence. The issue at hand is whether she should stay in that care home or be moved to another one (S) to be close to her son (“MS”), daughter-in-law (“AS”) and grandchildren. P herself has said that she wants to go back to her old home (the house she used to live independently in).

Open Justice

I really wish that at the time we had completed the LPA with my mother we’d realized the importance of the Preferences and Instructions section of the form.” Read this interesting blog in full to understand the reasons why…

Source: https://openjusticecourtofprotection.org/2022/08/04/observing-a-s-21a-hearing-and-the-importance-of-correctly-drafting-a-lasting-power-of-attorney/

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