Reforming children’s homes

a policy plan of action, July 2022.

“When we are talking about a place where children live, no failure rate is acceptable. Moreover, these homes do not just need to be excellent in and of themselves, but excellent at meeting the individual needs of each child. A home can be brilliant on paper, but if it is the other side of the country, not linked up to an equally excellent education placement or unable to support a child if their needs change, then the home is not good enough for them.

The purpose of this paper, to look at what children’s homes need to provide, from the perspective of the child. To set out a minimum set of expectations for every child living in a children’s home, whatever their needs of circumstances. It is grounded in the experiences of children within the system.”

Read the report in full…

Children’s Commissioner Source: CC A4 HEADER – cc-reforming-childrens-homes-a-policy-plan-of-action.pdf

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