Launch of the National Advisory Panel on Care Home Diabetes

Alan Sinclair, 30 Jun 2022

Alan Sinclair introduces new guidance and tools to enhance the quality of diabetes care for care home residents. The launch of the 2022 National Advisory Panel on Care Home Diabetes (NAPCHD) strategic document of diabetes care provides a key opportunity to address the major shortfalls in delivering high-quality diabetes care in care home settings.

The panel was established by Professor Alan Sinclair and a group of individuals representing important professional organisations and major stakeholders. It undertook work over 18 months and has produced four documents: a Strategic Document, an Executive Summary, and two appendices relating to procedures, assessments and algorithms of diabetes care. It represents the first major comprehensive guideline in this area since the 2010 Diabetes UK clinical guidance, but it also goes further and provides advice on the use of technology, working with adult social services, enhancing communication between stakeholders and producing a philosophical framework for delivering care.

Eleven tasks were addressed and, overall, 49 primary recommendations made.

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DiabetesontheNet Source: Launch of the National Advisory Panel on Care Home Diabetes – DiabetesontheNet


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