How do we improve the long term outcomes of children in care?

Evidence for Change: Posted on by Christine Garrington

“In his report, Josh MacAlister focused on many aspects of the research, citing it explicitly and reflecting its findings in his narrative.

In particular, he focused on a 2021 report from the study which showed lower rates of long term illness and higher rates of employment for adults with a history of kinship care compared to those that grew up in foster or residential care.

He also highlighted  a second report from the team which showed that care leavers who were in residential care had the highest prevalence of limiting long term illnesses (around 32 per cent on average), followed by adults who lived in foster care (around 16 per cent on average) and adults who lived in kinship care (12 per cent on average). This was significantly higher than the average prevalence of limiting long term illnesses amongst individuals who had not been in care (7 per cent), he said.”

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