Community participation and staying home if you want

US adults with intellectual and developmental disabilitiesRoger J. Stancliffe, Sandra L. Pettingell, Julie Bershadsky, James Houseworth, Renáta Tichá

First published: 05 June 2022


Requiring adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to go on community outings with co-residents and staff is contrary to community-living policy’s focus on person centredness and choice of activities/companions.


Individuals who could stay home likely had more choice about where, when and with whom they went out. Strategies for greater person-centredness are proposed.

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“Many United States adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities reside in staff-supported living settings, the vast majority (93.6%) being community based and financed through Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) funding (Larson et al., 2020). Community living is expected to provide greater person-centredness, community participation, and choice, and be free of the regimentation of institutions. However, institutional practices persist in some staffed community-living settings, such as group homes…..”

Source: Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities – Wiley Online Library

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