“The importance of the neighborhood as a primary unit of change”

Interview with Cormac Russell

Cormac Russell is a social explorer who is managing Director of Nurture Development. Source: Restore Commons.

For a short article on these thoughts, you can read ‘From what’s wrong to what’s strong: A guide to community-driven development’ which includes references to Russell’s thoughts. 

Care homes are a community asset. Business and community development are mutually beneficial see Neighbourhood Residential Living Networks.

Nonprofit source: https://nonprofit.xarxanet.org/interview/cormac-russell-%E2%80%9C-importance-neighborhood-primary-unit-change%E2%80%9D

Nonprofit is a project that arises from xarxanet.org, a portal in Catalan language on the third sector and volunteering that was promoted by the Ministry of Social Rights of the Government of Catalonia and is managed by Catalan non-profit organisations themselves.

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