International Federation of Educative Communities

Annual Report 2021


FICE are happy and proud to announce that they have published an Annual report for 2021! It features information about the activities of FICE International, FICE Africa and FICE Europe and national sections around the globe!

FICE International Annual report 2021
FICE International Annual report 2021

Dear FICE Members and supporters, dear readers of FICE Annual report 2021 whoever you are, We are both happy and even proud to present to you this Annual report for 2021. It reflects the work of FICE members in 20 countries and in five continents. While reading the reports of our National Sections in those countries one can learn about the vitality and dynamism of our members and their great efforts to continue to supply quality services for children and their families who need out-of home care or other kinds of alternative care ,even during this world pandemic.

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