Care homes and three social work roles

“The Health and Care Act 2022 is now law. Most of the talk has been about integration, the financial ‘cap’ and the workforce. However, the Act includes a legal duty for the CQC to review and assess the performance of local authorities in discharging their ‘regulated care functions’ under the Care Act 2014. As far as I can make out it is not known, at the moment, exactly which functions are within the scope of the duty. The Secretary of State is charged with setting and revising objectives and priorities for the CQC when making their assessments. It seems likely that proposals will come from CQC and the Secretary of State will regulate accordingly. Commencement is a bit away yet and there is time to put in views and opinions.

From my work with care homes, I suggest that there are three aspects of the performance of local authorities where improvement would benefit residents. They are:

  • Care reviews
  • Safeguarding referrals
  • Authorisations of deprivation of liberty applications

So, rather than grand performance schemes about commissioning, integration, partnership working and market development, I suggest CQC concentrate on supporting the better carrying out of what, at the end of the day, are three social work functions.”

This blog by Vic Citarella was published first on Care-Commentary on 23 May 2022 and can be read in full at source…

Care Commentary Source: Care homes and three social work roles | Care Commentary

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