Residential Special Schools: national minimum standards

The Residential Special School standards have been reissued following the consultation earlier this year. This draft will come into effect in September and links more closely with Keeping Children Safe in Education. The draft for that guidance has also been published…

The residential accommodation at schools is given much more precedence, with a named governor, inclusion in reports, and minimum requirements around management quality and training. Young people and their families are given more opportunities to have formal involvement in their plans and the purpose of the school as a whole.

The standards have been divided into 10 parts each with it’s own aim:

  1. Governance, Leadership & Management,
  2. Care & placement planning,
  3. Residential provision,
  4. Health & Wellbeing,
  5. Safeguarding,
  6. Health & Safety,
  7. Children’s rights, advocacy & complaints,
  8. Promoting positive behaviour and relationships,
  9. Children’s development,
  10. Staffing,

John Woodhouse of Dialogue provides a helpful summary here

Download 2022 draft of Residential Special Schools national minimum standards

Source: Dialogue Residential Care Bulletin, June 2022 available by subscription

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