Diversity of care-setting design needed for our elderly

Sweden shows way with small-scale, domestic dwellings to keep elderly safe and dignified

By Suzanne Cahill, May 24, 2022

“Yesterday I visited my father-in-law who has recently moved into a newly built care home in a rural part of Sweden, about 90 minutes’ drive from Stockholm. The care home is small-scale and domestic-like. It accommodates eight residents and is located in the very centre of a small country village. That village consists of a large supermarket, a takeaway outlet and a hairdresser who shares her salon with a podiatrist. On arrival, one gets the sense this care home is these people’s home, and residents who live here remain fully integrated into the local community.”

‘Ironically, the more disabled a person becomes the more significant the environment is for that person. And the need to belong and feel “at home” is magnified for an older person often facing increasing dependencies, disruptions and disappointments.’
Photograph: iStock

Read this thoughtful article considering the future model of residential care home in full at…

The Irish Times Source: Diversity of care-setting design needed for our elderly – The Irish Times

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