Care Home Celebration Day

“This got me thinking about care homes and how there is a tendency to listen to the single story, the negative story of life in a care home.”


Last week on the 17th July, we celebrated care homes in Scotland for the first time, led by Scottish Care. This was a great opportunity to showcase the sense of community, spirit and living that a care home offers. It was lovely see and read about all the different activities and life that goes on in the care homes across Scotland.

It is events like this that help to dispel the myth of care homes. Helps the media, the general public and ourselves to get a different insight, one that offers a different story to what is normally portrayed.

When people think about care homes there is  perhaps a tendency to create an image that is negative, something that is sad or dark and dreary. People have had bad experiences in care homes, equally people have had excellent experiences, but these experiences are less talked about or publicised.

Recently I…

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