Perceptions and Attitudes Towards Children’s Residential Care Homes in the Community

By Hannah Dobbs 1st April 2022


“I have sixteen years experience of working in children’s residential care in the UK and the USA. I have worked in various children’s social care settings and directly worked with children who have suffered neglectful and abusive early childhoods and ongoing placement breakdowns. My passion for working in this sector increased further when I became a registered manager and felt more could be done for our children. Consequently, I decided to go to Worcester University to study Clinical Psychology to gain more knowledge and skills. I decided to write my dissertation around children’s homes opening in communities, as I had read a lot of pushback against this. I wanted to highlight the current stigma towards children living in residential care and the risk this has to childhood psychopathology. Whilst being able to provide protective factors to help change outcomes.”

Read about the dissertation here…

The Therapeutic Journal Source: Perceptions and Attitudes Towards Children’s Residential Care Homes in the Community. By Hannah Dobbs   – The Therapeutic Care Journal

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