Zen and the Art of Quality in Residential Child Care

By Chris Hanvey 1st April 2022

A review of Quality Standards for professional alternative child and youth care in group homes. FICE Austria

“Quality” is an elusive term. It’s an aerosol word, liberally sprayed to increase the value of a product or suggest a kind of service which goes well beyond the normal. And yet, it is rarely defined. In the philosophical motorbike journey which the author Robert Pirsig undertook with his son, he wrestles continually with the meaning of quality- trying to lasso a cloud:

Attempts to define quality in group homes are both vital and endless. Beginning with what is in the best interest of the child is a good starting point and it is probably the case that where quality is achieved it is recognised by staff and young people alike.

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Therapeutic Care Journal Source: Zen and the Art of Quality in Residential Child Care.  By Chris Hanvey – The Therapeutic Care Journal

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