Branding – wherein lies the value?

Date posted: 11 April 2022

There are a number of reasons why a social care provider should build a strong corporate brand, but marketing isn’t one of them.

“….ask someone not involved with social care to name a corporate provider and they’ll be hard-pressed to come up with even one. Some might mention Bupa, because of a prolonged national campaign that company ran a few years ago, but I’d be very surprised if they could mention any others.

Why this is so? Is it because social care is a ‘use once and discard’ product? Is it because there is very limited scope to compare brands when making a choice in a stressful situation and the main drivers are likely to be available places, affordability and convenience of location? Quality of care is a major criterion of course but because everyone professes to offer that, the proof can only be in the pudding, after the choice has been made.”

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Care Commentary Source: Branding – wherein lies the value? | Care Commentary

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