Health and care is no place for agency workers

Date posted: 07 April 2022

The contributor of this piece has asked not to be identified as they still, on occasion, must resort to engaging temporary agency staff.


An extract

“So, why is agency so prevalent? Until a few years ago there was a natural disincentive for individuals to seek employment with an agency. This was because there was no certainty that they would be able to find work to fill every shift that they wanted. For the sake of financial security staff needed to find permanent employment. Since then, staff shortages have made it possible for agencies to be able to guarantee as many shifts as the employee wants. This, combined with the freedom of only working when they want, higher pay rates, less responsibility and less supervision, makes working for an agency a very attractive proposition.

How can this situation be changed?”

Read in full to understand the opinions of the author…

Care Commentary Source: Health and care is no place for agency workers | Care Commentary

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