Planning learning and development for your registered managers in 2022

Registered manager membership and networks

Skills for Care is the membership body for registered managers with a wide range of support available for members including access to exclusive resources, monthly newsletters, and the opportunity to give or receive mentoring.

Through newsletters and access to exclusive resources, including the ‘Social care manager’s handbook’, managers can gain useful insights and inspiration to help further their skills and knowledge. Mentoring is a great way to work on continuous professional development and learn new ways of working.

Skills for Care offer peer support for registered managers through local networks which are open to all registered managers, and which are a vital source of support for managers whatever the challenges. Networks provide a place to connect with others in the same position, and discuss challenges and successes.

A Facebook group is open to all registered managers and is another great place to connect and discuss ideas and issues.

Find out more about support for registered managers


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