‘Nothing works’ in secure residential youth care?

Fleur Souverein 2013, Children and Youth Services Review


A debate about the effectiveness of secure residential youth care is currently going on. While some continue to support secure residential youth care, others conclude that ‘nothing works’ in secure residential youth care, and argue that non-residential treatment is superior to secure residential treatment. This article reviews recent research on this topic. The conclusion is that evidence for the effectiveness of non-residential treatment for youth with severe behavioural problems and/or criminal behaviour is sparse if considered as an alternative for secure residential youth care. Secure residential treatment shows a modest, but positive effect. We need to over-haul the myth that ‘nothing works’ in secure residential youth care, and focus on how to optimise the effects of secure residential youth care.

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Academia.edu Source: (89) ‘Nothing works’ in secure residential youth care? | Fleur Souverein – Academia.edu

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