Experiential online courses that are underpinned by a social pedagogical perspective

A brief overview from ThemPra Social Pedagogy CIC:
  • Developing Relationship-Centred Practice is based around the Diamond Model, so we’re exploring the relevance of recognising each person as intrinsically rich in potential and how our values can guide us in developing meaningful and authentic relationships in practice. We’ll focus on how such relationships can nurture well-being and happiness, enable holistic learning, and promote social inclusion. (6 x 3hr sessions, details here)
  • Courageous Conversations brings a social pedagogical perspective to one of the areas that practitioners struggle a lot with: how to have meaningful conversations about difficult issues in ways that improve the relationships. We’ll explore how participants can find their courage, empathically connect with others, and create the conditions for constructive dialogue. To enable participants to apply their learning immediately to their practice, the course is designed with a strong peer learning aspect, with participants determining what actions they’ll take in between sessions and committing to these. (6 x 3hr sessions, details here)
  • Relational Leadership is focussed more on existing and potential leaders, with emphasis on how social pedagogical principles can support ethical leadership and enable teams to work with a shared purpose. It’s also one of the first courses to draw on Human Learning Systems, exploring how HLS can enable purpose-driven leadership in complex environments across organisations and local systems. With a strong emphasis on learning transfer and peer learning, the course enables participants to connect their learning to their unique practice context and critically reflect within their peer group on the impact of their actions. (9 x 3hr sessions, details here)

Thempra are eager to reach people beyond the social pedagogy scene, and the way they’ve articulated the course content is hopefully of much wider appeal. For instance, they’ve had a lot of social workers on their relationship-centred practice course, who found it hugely beneficial to gain a fresh perspective, deeper theoretical insight and new creative methods for their practice. Thempra continue to have lots of social care practitioners too, who find this just as relevant and applicable to their practice context.


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